Support the next gen
of communication in Web3

We are building a Web3 native platform that allows communication between users, projects and businesses, privacy-centric.

Delegate to the Hermes Protocol validator


5% Commission

1.2 M Luna Staked

100% Uptime


5% Commission
? ANDR Staked
100% Uptime


5% Commission

50k XRD Staked

Max cap 1%

Q Blockchain

5% Commission
? Q Staked
?% Uptime



? Commission
? Staked
?% Uptime

Why staking with Hermes Protocol

  • Hermes Protocol has zero costs to users - by staking with us, you are supporting the continuous development of the project.
  • $HERMES token will be airdroped based on seniority and average size of the stake, among other criteria.
  • You are promoting decentralization, as the validator has currently a very low Voting Power.

We believe that evolving communications in Web3 is key for accelerating adoption.

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