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Enhance User Engagement and Privacy with Customizable Notifications and Alerts

Alerts about on-chain events

  • Real-Time Blockchain Event Tracking and Notifications
  • Seamless Integration with your dApp and Wallets
  • Privacy-Preserving Alerts for Enhanced User Experience
  • Customizable Triggers for Smart Contract Interactions
  • Drive User Retention with Timely and Relevant Information

Broadcast Communications

  • Deliver opt-in Targeted Campaigns straight to users' DMs and Wallets
  • Effortlessly broadcast campaigns across Discord, Telegram and Wallets in one go
  • Track Campaign Performance and Analyze Community Engagement
  • Streamline Multi-Channel Communication for Maximum Reach
  • Stay Compliant with Privacy Regulations while Scaling Your Business

Transactional Communications

  • Personalized Messages for Enhanced User Engagement
  • Streamline User Experience by Consolidating Platform Notifications
  • Automatic Notifications Delivered to Wallets and Direct Messages
  • Targeted Alerts Based on User's On-Chain Activity

Enhance your dApp's User Experience
with our SDKs and APIs.

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Notifications API

Allow users to subscribe to events and contact lists through their favorite dApps seamlessly.

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Elevate your user experience and drive growth with our comprehensive suite of features. Boost engagement and foster a thriving community with Hermes Protocol.

  • Customizable Templates

  • Campaign Manager

  • Statistical Data

  • A/B Testing

  • Actionable Notifications

  • SDKs

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