A new era of communication in blockchain starts here

What is Hermes Protocol?

Hermes Protocol is an infinitely scalable communication & notifications platform that will allow you to configure any on-chain alerts delivered on social media. Sleep well knowing that you will be alerted when something of interest is happening.

Integrated with the dApps you love

We already can support any Terra and Terra Classic dApp, and Cosmos+EVM chains by EoY.


We believe in a multi-chain future

For the moment we only support Terra and Terra Classic but we plan to go multi-chain soon.

Hermes Protocol East Decisions

Easy and simple

Your experience should be effortless, so we've built an interface in an intuitive way which you can configure and optimise over time..

Hermes Protocol Tailored For You

Tailored For You

Log in with your wallet or social account, enable the dApps you want and subscribe to the type of notifications that are important to you..

Connect everything and everyone

Notifications are just the tip of the iceberg. Wallet-to-wallet messaging, P2P transactions, Airdrop-as-notifications & much more.

Hermes Protocol Infinitely Scalable and Instant Wherever You Are

Our Team

We are proud of everyone we work with. This is because we help each other grow every day.

Sérgio 'Chinoman10' Rebelo Hermes Protocol

Sérgio 'Chinoman10' Rebelo

Team Lead & DevOps

Ana Preto Hermes Protocol

Ana Preto

Tokenomics & Web-Dev

Duarte 'Dudu' Ribeiro Hermes Protocol

Duarte 'Dudu' Ribeiro

Lead Bot Developer

João Filipe Hermes Protocol

João Filipe

Marketing Manager

Khrystyna Shvets Hermes Protocol

Khrystyna Shvets

Front-end Developer

Inês Hermínio Hermes Protocol

Inês Hermínio

Full Stack Developer

Lívia Gomes

Front-end Developer

Diogo 'Lugiatos' Montoia Hermes Protocol

Diogo 'Lugiatos' Montoia

Blockchain Developer

Patrícia Carrilho


Pedro Cardoso

Lead Business Developer

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