Hermes Protocol

Good or bad news, we can deliver the information straight to your device or app of choice. Sleep well knowing that you will be alerted when something of interest is happening.

Built around the dApps you love

Be it Anchor Protocol, Mirror, Apollo or Pylon, we can support any Terra dApp, and Cosmos soon™️.


Make It Yours

Choose and use only the chat applications or platforms which you love the most for a curated feed of notifications of your favorite dApps.

Hermes Protocol East Decisions


Easy Decisions

Your experience should be effortless, so we've built our interface with an intuitive way which you will love to configure and optimise over time.

Hermes Protocol Tailored For You


Tailored For You

Login with your wallet or social account, enable the dApps you want, and subscribe only to the type of notifications that are important to you.

Hermes Protocol Make It Your Own

Easy to customize

Make It Your Own

Mix and Match between different social platforms and dApps. Only want Mirror notifications on Discord, but want SMS alerts for Anchor liquidations? We got your back! You can even start playing Stairway To Heaven when Luna hits 100$ automatically!

A service that is out of this world


Hermes Protocol Infinitely Scalable and Instant Wherever You Are

Our Awesome Team

We take pride in the people we work with. This is because we all collectively help each other become more awesome every day.

Sérgio 'Chinoman10' Rebelo Hermes Protocol

Sérgio 'Chinoman10' Rebelo

Team Lead & DevOps

Lunatic as of Feb. 2021

Ana Preto Hermes Protocol

Ana Preto

Tokenomics & Web-Dev

Risk Modeller since 2015

Duarte 'Dudu' Ribeiro Hermes Protocol

Duarte 'Dudu' Ribeiro

Bot Developer

BUIDLing projects as of 2016

João Filipe Hermes Protocol

João Filipe

Creative Director

All-round creative producer

Khrystyna Shvets Hermes Protocol

Khrystyna Shvets

Front-end Developer

UX/UI Developer since 2017

Wellington Calôr Hermes Protocol

Wellington Calôr

Back-end Developer

SD & CR Manager since 2014

Inês Hermínio Hermes Protocol

Inês Hermínio

Full Stack Developer

Passionate about challenges

Diogo 'Lugiatos' Montoia Hermes Protocol

Diogo 'Lugiatos' Montoia

Blockchain Developer

VR Enthusiast since 2018

Antonio Cabrerizo

Business Developer

PM & Coordinator as of 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

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Which dApps can I subscribe to events?

How much will it cost me?

Will you support SMS notifications? What about mobile apps?

What about my Smart Home appliances? Lightbulbs, music player, etc.

How are you "infinitely scalable" and instant everywhere?

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